How Arin Built a Digital Agency Doing $20k/mo In 12 Months

It is Aleksander Vitkin here, I recently sat down with Arin Darcan, one of our Business Mentor Insiders (BMI) members for a chat about how he got started with BMI and how his business is doing now.

Last month Arin’s digital agency had $20K in revenue, with 50-70% profit margins. I got him to share the secrets to his success so that hopefully it can inspire you on your business journey. Hopefully, you will be able to repeat some of his success yourself and avoid some of his mistakes.

How Did Arin Get Started With BMI?

Arin has been a member of BMI for one year, before he joined he was working as a fire engineer in London but wasn’t happy with how his job was going – and especially not the long commute to work each day!

Arin had always wanted to start his own business but wasn’t quite sure what type of business to build. He had a go at building a couple of mobile applications and launching a dropshipping store but both of which didn’t work out for him. He was finding that even if he made $10K in a month, the profit margins were so bad he was lucky to be left with $1K.

He eventually came across the online agency model which looked promising to Arin. He started his agency while he was still working, often spending his time on the train working and working after he got home from his day job.

What Did Arin Learn From BMI?

When he joined BMI he was initially quite skeptical of the program and feared he might be wasting his time and money. Arin joined BMI in January 2018 and can now gladly report that it is a great program and worth every cent. It was especially good to see that other members of the BMI community were doing well with their businesses so this helped to prove to Arin that if he put in the hard work then he as well could succeed starting his own online agency.

His agency at the time was selling Google Ad services to clients and within a couple of months of joining BMI, Arin was able to quit his job. Lucky for him the weekend after he quit his job he made his very first sale. Arin found that once he started working full time on his agency, he was able to sign up more clients and get more done as he no longer had any distractions. However, there were some months when he became quite anxious about the lack of sales and said that you really need to stick with it If you want to start your own agency. It has a lot to do with having the right mindset and listening to the advice of the BMI instructors, he says.

One of the best parts of BMI according to Arin is that unlike other online programs where they are mass-produced and make empty promises to you, BMI is a genuine program that is supported by an amazing community. The instructors don’t try to make out that it will be easy to succeed, they make it very clear that you have to put in the hard work. 

Arin says that it is great to be able to ask questions to other members in the BMI Facebook group and get answers and feedback from people who have been where you once were. Another great part of the program that really helped Arin out was the accountability calls that you get from BMI instructors, this really helped Arin to stay on track with his business goals and gave him a lot of support when he was having any problems.

For every stage of your business journey you can get value out of the BMI program Arin says. His business was making about $10K per month and he was trying to grow it to $20K per month. Arin was able to work with BMI instructors to determine that he should raise his prices for his services since he was offering a lot of value to clients. Getting this sort of advice helps you to think through your strategy which is really valuable when you are a solo business owner.

What Advice Does Arin Have for New BMI Members?

For new members of BMI Arin recommends that you become an active member of the community by asking questions and trying to learn as much as you can. You then need to take what you learn and implement it into your business in the real world. Don’t just stay on the side-lines and be a passive member, get involved – you will become much more successful he says.

So, Do You Want to Grow Your Business Just like Arin Did?

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