How Ali Got His First $10k+ Month by Building a Creative Agency in Business Mentor Insiders

I recently sat down with one of our BMI members Ali over Zoom to discuss his business journey and thought you might be interested in hearing his story.

I spoke to Ali at the end of May 2020, and he told me that he has just finished one of his best months in business since he began with the BMI program. He made $10K in monthly revenue for the first time and managed to pull this off even during the Covid-19 pandemic!

Ali’s business sells video services to a range of clients around the world and is currently focused on offering “on-location” production services to companies, animation video services, and video editing services.

Before joining BMI he was doing freelance video services but was struggling to make enough money to justify his decision to start his own business. However, since joining the program not that long-ago Ali has gone from making about $4K per month to $10k per month. His next goal is to increase that figure to $20k per month which he is well on track to pull off.

Here is What Ali Learned From BMI

BMI, he says has definitely made him way more ambitious to grow his agency, and to improve his life in general. A major highlight for him from the program, especially since he is only 21 years old is to be introduced to several successful entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off and to learn from. Ali says it makes it seem more realistic that you will be able to achieve your own goals when you can meet people who have already done the things that you want to do. Some of the entrepreneurs he has learned from are making $50-100K per year, which he says is now his new goal!

According to Ali, BMI helped him learn the importance of “sticking to the basics” – if you can do the important things right you will achieve great success. This included how to implement a successful sales funnel, how to create a team and outsource project delivery, and the importance of working ‘on’ the business not ‘in’ your business.

Another key takeaway Ali learned was to not be afraid to charge what you are worth. Ali says he went from charging $400 per project to $4000 per project – a 10x increase. He credits what he learned through BMI with how to do this, specifically how to position yourself in the market and not being afraid to ask clients for a higher sum of money for a project.

Who Would Ali Recommend Joins BMI?

Before he joined the BMI program he was skeptical of the program and if it would be for him, but after he jumped on a call with a BMI member he realized that the program would be an amazing choice to make. He was able to discuss the problems he was having with his business, and came away thinking that BMI would be able to help him. 

Within one month of joining the program, he had made back 1.5x his initial investment in costs to join the program. It really was that fast!

Ali says he would recommend the BMI program to anyone who is independently minded and wants to build a life of financial freedom for themselves. Even if you are a creative person that still wants to spend some of your time doing creative tasks, it's still possible. The strategies he learned from BMI essentially gave him more options in life. He says if you don’t want to be stuck in a boring job, and you want to find out how to build a business, how to build a team then BMI is a great program to join!

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Aleksander Vitkin

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