How Alex Built a $20k/Month Web Agency

It’s Aleksander Vitkin here, I recently sat down with Alex, one of our Business Mentor Insiders (BMI) members for a chat about how his business is doing. Hopefully, you will find his success motivating and inspiring.

Alex says that in the past three weeks he has managed to close six deals and bring in a total of $20K in revenue. And get this. It is only his second month in the BMI program.

Alex runs a web development agency and works with a range of clients to build custom software for them. The average client project earns him between $3K and $7K with good profit margins.

How Did He Become Successful?

Before setting up his agency Alex was working as a freelance software developer and earning around $1K per website and doing all of the project delivery himself. He now has six paying clients and has a team of four freelancers to help him with lead generation and project delivery. Alex can now spend most of his time doing sales and project management.

One of the most important things that helped Alex become successful with his agency was learning through BMI how to sell. Through a mix of learning from BMI instructors and practicing his sales skills, he has been able to jump on sales calls and sell high ticket website development projects. Alex says that he was able to take the core BMI sales principles and adapt them to his own process that works well for him.

Alex says that he has had access to an amazing group of mentors through BMI and to the wider community through weekly calls and the Facebook group. For Alex, this has been a great source of knowledge for when he has any questions that he needs to ask. For example, he recently had an urgent issue to do with a client that he was able to ask some BMI members for advice over. This part of the BMI program alone is worth joining, he says.

How Does He Plan to Grow Even Bigger?

Alex has plans to tweak and introduce more processes into his business so that it can scale to allow it to grow even bigger. He wants to make it so the whole business can be automated, by both hiring freelancers to do tasks as well as using software. His goal is to have his business operating 95% automated.

How Has His Life Changed Since Joining BMI? 

Alex says that since joining BMI his life has changed for the better. He now has a lot more control over his life and it has allowed him to have a better work-life balance. It has also been great financially; he is making more money than ever before – and at the same time working less.

Did You Have Doubts Before Joining BMI?

Alex discovered BMI on YouTube and began to watch the videos to learn more about the program. Initially, he wondered if it was a legit program and whether or not the other members were real people. He also wondered if it would be worth the money. After doing his research and watching a lot of case study videos he began to become more convinced that it was the real deal. Alex says that since joining the program he has earned his money back very quickly. The knowledge that he has gained from the program and the access to the community has been a wonderful investment he says.

Who Should Join BMI?

Alex recommends BMI to anyone who is prepared to put the effort in and do the hard work that it will take to become successful. You have to commit yourself to the program and be open to learning new skills. If you want to be part of an active and supportive community while you are building your business then joining BMI is a great choice for you. You will avoid a lot of mistakes and get a great head start than most people get when they start a business.

So, Do You Want to Grow Your Business Just like Alex Did?

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Aleksander Vitkin

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