Meet Ahmed (€11K/Month in Sales for His Digital Marketing Agency)

Meet Ahmed – a member of BMI with an interesting story to tell.

Ahmed runs an agency that helps small businesses get more sales online, through Facebook Ads and Email marketing.

He started his agency only 8 months ago but has already grown his sales to €11K per month, with over 50% profit margins! All the while studying at University, holding down a part-time job, and to top it off living through the Coronavirus pandemic.

While a lot of businesses are struggling currently Ahmed says he is seeing a huge increase in business. Online advertising, for one thing, has dropped in price so it’s a great time to be running advertisements. The transformation of businesses going online has increased during this time, so it is a good time to be starting an online agency.

Before joining BMI Ahmed worked some corporate jobs but didn’t want to end up stuck as an employee all his life. When he joined BMI Ahmed says he didn’t have any experience running his own business, which was his main driver for joining the program. Within 2 months of joining he had launched his agency and made his first sale!

A few months later Ahmed had grown his agency to 3 to 4 clients and was generating about €5K per month, all the while holding down a part-time job and being a full-time student!

It was at this point that he decided to get more involved with BMI and to double down the effort he was putting into his agency business. He specifically wanted to get help with implementing processes into his business to improve the way projects were being delivered, and help with making new sales.

Why Ahmed Recommends BMI

Ahmed says he learned not to be a pushy salesperson, it's much better to get on a call with a prospective client and try to help them by consulting with them. According to Ahmed, this helps to build trust with clients and ends up having great results in terms of sales that are converted.

A major help for Ahmed was the ability to go to instructors in BMI and discuss problems he was having with a particular part of his business. For example, for Ahmed, it was great to be able to do mock-up sales calls with other BMI members and get instant feedback that he could implement so that he could improve how he was conducting sales calls.

Ahmed said having access to, and being trained by 8 successful mentors through BMI was an invaluable part of joining the program, it would be impossible in any other online program to get access to so many talented and successful entrepreneurs in one place to be able to ask questions and get advice from.

Ahmed’s mindset right now is to grow his agency business as much as possible. He is looking to hire even more freelancers and sign up even more clients. He says he initially had self-doubt about whether he was capable of running his own business, especially when he had other time commitments and a limited amount of money to invest in training. But eventually decided to take the plunge and commit to it. This has turned out to be a great decision for Ahmed. 

He fully recommends you join BMI if you want to supercharge your entrepreneurial journey.

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