How To Make A Great Introductory Sales Video

Today, I’d like to explain the strongest way I personally know to make an introductory sales video for your company. I’ll provide a clear and time-tested set of steps to getting it done efficiently and effectively. Embedded in the YouTube below is an introductory video by a client of mine as a real-life example of the material I will be discussing today. We recorded in 11 takes, and I’ve provided the best take for your analysis.

Introduce Yourself and Your Brand

Before anything else, you’re going to want to introduce yourself. Look directly into the camera and state you and your company’s name with precision and confidence. This doesn’t need to be over-thought, but it definitely needs to be asserted with a level of self-assuredness and clarity.

Qualify Yourself By Illustrating The Benefits

After a brief introduction of yourself, you should go into the benefits your product or service provides for the clients. Now in order to do this, of course, you should have two or three advantages you know off of the top of your head would be of great use to clients in your niche.

You should have a list in your mind of what services your company provides at the level of mastery, and should be able to discuss them at length at any time. Reflect on the overall experience that your client will receive by working with your company. What benefits can you communicate in this video that will highlight that experience? This will be at the heart of the qualification step of your video.

Use Data and Evidence To Support Your Claims

A lot of people, whether they are just starting their own business or have some experience in your particular niche, will need to hear some evidence of your success. Discuss your successes in verifiable terms if possible. Analyze the data you’ve gained over the course of your career, or provide reasoned evidence for the likelihood of success when working with your business. This is especially true if you’re doing business-to-business work where many of your clients will commonly want more of a “sure bet” based on evidence before going into business with someone.

The Best Sales Video Has A Call-To-Action

At the end of your video – and this is key – you want to give them a call-to-action. You need a reason for them to reach out to you right now, you need an opt-in right here on the spot. You’d be surprised but a lot of business videos forget this important step. If you do not have a call-to-action, you will lose 80% of the people who would have opted-in otherwise.

Before you shoot your video, you should consider what kind of call-to-action will best suit what you’re selling, and what will drive people to contact you the minute they watch your videos. Take a few minutes to craft an engaging statement, and it may just make all of the difference for your business.

A Bit of Style Never Hurts

If you find it’s at all feasible, consider making your video in a nice, visually appealing location. A beach, a park, a busy (but quiet) part of the city centre. Something pleasing to the eye. You don’t need to shoot it right in your office or your building’s parking lot. That’s unlikely to draw any potential customers into the positive mood of your video.

Additionally, if you have good sound equipment, a good camera, and good lighting from an outdoor area, you will benefit. If you need help finding the right kinds of equipment to make the highest quality work possible, I have a fully comprehensive training video, free of charge, that can be found here.

Final Considerations

So remember: confidence, qualifications, a call-to-action, and a visually appealing style will highly increase your chances of bringing in leads quickly from your introductory video. With a short amount of preparation and a few stylistics decisions, you can expand your long-term influence in ways you never thought possible.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.