Meet Dario (BMI Student That Runs a Video Marketing Agency)

Meet Dario – he joined Business Mentor Insiders (BMI) in 2016 and at the time was running an online coaching business but was struggling to gain traction.

He eventually gave that up and today operates a highly successful online agency that specializes in Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram video ads, as well as helping companies grow their YouTube audiences organically.

Here’s What Dario Learned Through BMI

When Dario joined BMI he was skeptical. Most other online programs, he found, were not specific enough, not results-focused, and only seemed to be giving him the “half-truth” on what was required to succeed in business. He told me:

“They tell you to do this and that – but I don’t think they give you the full story on what is required to start and build a successful business. With BMI you get the full truth!”

Through BMI Dario learned that if you want to run a successful business, then you must have processes, especially for the small everyday tasks. He once told me that he studied economics at University but was never taught how to do even the basic tasks of running a business.

Dario especially liked how you learn in the program everything from how to manage taxes and make sales, to small things like writing an invoice. The fact that BMI is full of practical step by step advice about how to get things done was something that really reasoned with him.

Perhaps the best part of BMI according to Dario is that you get to learn from other people in the BMI community. You get to learn directly from, and be mentored by entrepreneurs doing $80-100k/month with their online agency business. The community is a great resource to ask questions and get answers from people who have had and learned how to overcome the same problems that you might be experiencing. 

Learning to have the right mindset was another key takeaway for Dario, he learned that there is always a way to get clients and thrive as a business owner, even with ups and downs like with the Covid-19 pandemic. Putting this advice into action for his own agency has allowed Dario to expand his business, take on lots of staff and he has even found the bigger he grows, the less he actually has to work!

Where Is Dario Now?

Dario says that when he joined BMI his goal was to travel the world and go surfing and skiing as much as possible, and that is exactly what he has done. You’ll probably find him surfing on a beach somewhere or skiing down a mountain in between sales calls and running his business. This is the sort of freedom that running an online agency has given him. According to Dario, it doesn’t have to be just a dream, if he could do it, so can you!

So, Do You Want to Grow Your Business Just like Dario Did?

Everyone can learn how to sell and grow a business just like Dario. I am not going to lie, it won’t be easy - it will take lots of hard work. But it can be done.

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Aleksander Vitkin

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