Daniel Runs a Software Development Agency

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My name is Daniel. I’m from Austria. I’m running a software development agency. Back when I joined Business Mentor Insiders one year ago, I had two clients and I was scared that if one of those clients decided to stop working with me I wouldn’t be able to pay my monthly bills anymore.

After joining BMI I have learned how to build a funnel, how to build processes, how to sell standardized services. And today I’m having a client base of around 22 clients. And we did more than 50 projects in the past year. Today I’m having a team of two software developers from Serbia. I’m having a virtual assistant from the Philippines to do my lead generation. And I’m having freedom to travel while I work. I live in Chiang Mai right now in Thailand and I think that I’m very proud of this that most of the clients I start working with keep working with me because they are very happy with the results that we deliver. 

I have built a lot of good client relationships in the past year and my client base is growing steadily. At times I’m getting as much clients that I can’t take any new projects anymore. That was something that I would have never dreamt of one year ago. Yeah, working with two clients, actually working for two clients as a freelancer and every once in a while getting some small project if I was lucky.

Today, I’m having a lot more time than back when I joined and I’m making a lot more money than back when I joined. The weekly calls BMI have been extremely valuable so far and still are. The weekly calls in BMI were extremely helpful in the past and still are. Also the weekly accountability calls that happen twice a week help me to stay on track and focus on the parts of my business that need the most attention at the moment.

BMI has a great community. It’s great to see people succeed all around you all the time. I just decided to commit and to join BMI and today I’m very, very happy about that because if I wouldn’t have joined, I’m sure that I would still work as a freelancer. I think I wouldn’t make any substantial amount of money. 

In the BMI community there are a lot of great fellow entrepreneurs that you can contact if you have any questions. It’s great to connect with people and it’s really great to see people succeed around you all the time. I think this program is for people that are ready to commit 100% and to take over the responsibility for their life 100%. If you are someone that’s ready to commit, I think this program is definitely for you.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.