Can You Make A Living On Upwork?



It’s as simple as that.

Upwork can be an incredibly lucrative platform.

You can make THOUSANDS without really breaking a sweat.

But only if you learn how to master it.

Here’s how.

The first thing you need to understand is the balance of power.

There are many more freelancers than there are potential clients.

Each job post has between 5 and 15 people applying for the project.

Sometimes it can be above 20.

There are MILLIONS of freelancers who all want the same thing as you.


So you need to stand out.

You need to be the best option.


So how do you do it?

You optimise your profile.

See if you can run a quick experiment.

Open up a client account and post a job for your service.

Read the profiles of the applicants.

This is what you’ll see.

“Hello Sir / Madam”.

“Thank you for visiting my profile”.

“I am a so-and-so based in yadda-yadda”.

“I do ABC for XYZ”.

Notice the huge disconnect.

Monotonous, boring content that’s a chore to read.

Over-complicated, professional text that gives no value to the prospect.

It just doesn’t work.

The buyer sees you as “just another freelancer”.

Your Upwork profile needs to connect with your market on a personal level.

Whatever service you’re offering, you should know your target audience.

You need to appeal the person who is willing to BUY what you have to sell.

Put simply, you need to speak to your audience like you speak to your mother.

Speak to them normally.

It’s a really simple process.

Learn the problems they’re facing.

Explain how you can solve them.

Share some stories from previous clients.

Get them to book a call with you.

If you follow this formula, your profile will reach new heights.

You’ll find potential clients reaching out to you.

You’ll get on a bunch of sales calls.

Because you’ve demonstrated real value.

You’re not just a cookie-cutter.

And you can take it one step further.

Create a professional video to use on your profile.

Upwork profiles with video have a 60% lower bounce rate than those without.

It’s a great chance to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Keep it the same as your profile – normal not formal.

And offer some real value to the prospect.

Think of all the freelancers who applied to your job post tester.

How did they come across?

Needy? Low value? Desperate for work?


Did you want to work with them?


You need to become “unavailable”.

You choose the clients you want to work with.

They apply to work with you.

If you can establish that frame, you’ll get plenty of sales.

You’ll experience a shift in the power balance.

Because people want the best.

People want an expert to handle their project.

And experts don’t go begging for work.

In fact, being seen as an authority in your field is crucial.

When you’re selling to prospects on Upwork, you need to understand what they need.

Because they certainly don’t.


The vast majority of clients on Upwork DO NOT know what they want.

They may be looking for a “high-converting website”.

They might be after a “killer voice-over actor”.

But they’re not really interested in that.

You need to find out WHY they’re doing what they’re doing.

Do they want to grow a seven-figure business?

Do they want to spend time with their family?

Do they want to travel the world?

Dig deep into their real motivation.

That’s how you can get a prospect to pay big money for your services.

People buy emotionally, not logically.

Yeah – they need a brochure or an email sequence.

But there’s always a reason behind it.

There’s always a driver that gets them up in the morning.

There’s always an issue that keeps them up at night.

It’s your job to find out.

Ask them a lot of questions. 

Let them do the talking.

And that’s when you can show your worth.

Offer feedback on what EXACTLY it is they asked for in their job post.

Show how your service can deliver what they need.

Share success stories from clients you’ve delivered great results for.

And tie it all back to their motivation.

They need to believe that if they work with you, all their business problems will be solved.

But, more than that, their personal problems will be solved, too.

You’ll become the ONLY person who can deliver what they really want.

Plenty of people can code the website.

But not many can make the link between a new website and a new family holiday.

That’s how you get premium projects in Upwork.

It’s how you can close $5,000 sales.

I work with people who started on three projects per month.

Now they make THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS per month.

All on Upwork.

And all within three months of joining my mastermind.

– Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.