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In this article you will out find the difference between a self development coach and a business coach. Just so we are clear, I am not a self development coach. I’ll never be a self development coach. I am not interested in being a self development coach.

What is the difference between a self development coach and a business coach?

A self development coach will help guide your emotions to a better place so you are more grounded. People will perceive you as a person they want to be around. You will be more successful in your life. Okay cool. A business coach will give you a set of principles and steps that you follow to get you sales, increase the size of your business, solve issues in your business, improve your marketing, improve your sales funnel,l marketing funnel and learn how to hire people better. It’s all about processes, not your inner feelings and how you feel while doing it.

Well Aleks why do you run a business then if you don’t want to do it for the good emotions and to be happy?

The reason I run a business is because I’ve always wanted to run a business. I’ve always wanted to make a change in the world. I’ve always wanted to have the control and freedom I desire. I wanted to influence the world in the positive way. I want to help people become entrepreneurs because I believe entrepreneurs are the people who make the most positive change in the world. That is why I help people become an entrepreneur. I don’t do this to experience good emotions or anything like that. I will do my work even if I don’t feel good one day. I just do my work and after that I just feel good about having done the work. It doesn’t matter how I felt while I was working. It doesn’t matter If it was hard work. It just feels good to have done work and progressing in your craft. That’s why I do it.

For Example…

When People who join my mastermind tell me , well today I don’t feel like making a video I just feel sad. My reply is “I don’t give a fuck”. I’m not your mother and i’m not your psychologist. If you need a psychologist, a self development coach, a life coach or emotional support you should get those people or you know a girlfriend. I am not here to provide that. This is not the kind of people I want to do business with. I want to do business with people who are lacking the process, not lacking the inner game. If you implement this process you’ll make a lot of money. If you don’t implement it, you’re wasting your time and your wasting my time. Everyone who joined my mastermind, so far, who implemented the process without being a whiny little bitch has made money. Everyone who has joined the mastermind who started doing the proper amount of sales calls, got sales. Everyone who joined the mastermind so far who did the proper amount of video promotion with proper sales, on Skype or phone, got sales. Everyone else didn’t get sales. That’s how it works. everyone who is always talking about self development did not get sales. You will not get sales by talking about self development. You will not get sales by talking about self help. You will not get sales by being a theory junky or by mentally masturbating about how a business works, it’s a complete waste of time.

But Aleks there are so many people who are self development junkies and they own a business.

No no no . People who you think are self development junkies are coaches. They are teaching self development. That’s why they talk about self development. They read a book they implement it over and over they teach thousands of students. Then they say this is a principle that works. That is what they do. No one that is in business, that I know, sits at home reading books all day and reflects on their inner game. These guys wake up, work, maybe read a book , they teach some people, then go to bed. Their life is completely surrounded around implementation not being a self development junkie. A junkie is someone who is dependent on something, their free will is not involved.

Who should be looking for a business coach?

People who already figured out that they want a business. I’m not going to teach you that you should want a business. If you don’t know whether you want a business or not, figure it out somewhere else. I do not teach you that. I will not teach you how to handle your inner emotions. If you know you want a business, you know how to commit to things, you know that you’re going to implement and you’re not going to complain all along the way, then I want to talk to you . If you’re going to complain, make excuses, look for short cuts and ways out just don’t talk to me. I do not want to do business with you. I do not want to talk to you and I do not want to be around you.

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