Becoming a Shopify API Developer in 2020 (Shopify For Developers)

I have been doing web development since 2008 and have taught over 700 people how to get into the freelance web development industry since 2014. If you are looking to get started with Shopify API development, this is my complete guide for how to do it.

What Is the Shopify API?

The Shopify API is a tool that allows you to integrate almost any other web tool with Shopify to increase how much you can do with the Shopify platform and to expand the functionality of your web application. The most common projects that clients want related to Shopify API development are building Shopify Themes and Shopify Apps. Shopify API development is a very in-demand skill at the moment, especially with more and more businesses building an online presence.

What Are Some Projects That You Can Do as a Shopify API Developer?

The Shopify API is a very versatile platform for eCommerce stores to use. Shopify allows you to pull data outside of the Shopify platform, as well as push data inside of the platform. 

Some of the most common projects Shopify API developers are contracted to do are to develop:

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management Software
  • Order Fulfillment Solutions
  • Mobile Commerce Apps
  • Retail Business Intelligence and Analytics Software
  • Multi-channel Ecommerce Software
  • Repricing and Price Optimization Solutions
  • Email Marketing

How to Sign up as a Shopify API Developer?

  1. Create a Shopify Partner Account on their website
  2. Create a Development Store
  3. Generate API Credentials from the Shopify Store Admin

You need to be a good developer to develop custom applications, mistakes can be costly if you run into problems with chargebacks and other issues that your clients may have. It is best to start small, and as you learn more you can increase the complexity of the services that you offer.

How to Get Clients as a Shopify API Developer?

The best platform to use to get work as a Shopify API developer is Here is how you get started on UpWork:

Step 1: Join 

Create an account on the platform and look for Shopify projects. As mentioned above the most common projects are Shopify Theme and Shopify App implementations.

Step 2: Build an Amazing Profile and Contact Clients Daily 

Make sure you put a lot of effort into building an amazing profile that will attract clients. Prominently display testimonials from past clients on your profile, this will make you look more trustworthy to prospective clients.

Step 3: Contact Prospective Clients

I recommend that you send out 10+ proposals every day to prospective clients. The aim of your proposal should be to get them onto a call with you. You can then use the sales call to close the sale and sign them up as a client.

The Bottom Line

Shopify is one of the world's most popular platforms to run online stores. If you have the skills to do Shopify API development, you will be in demand by potentially thousands of clients around the world.

Check out my video on how to get started as a Shopify developer and get clients on UpWork.

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