Becoming a Freelancer on Upwork in 2020 (Upwork Algorithm Explained)

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Are you freelancing or running an agency on Upwork?

I want to share with you how the platform works in 2020.

To be precise, I want to share with you how the algorithm works.

Knowing how the platform works in terms of getting the jobs and clients on Upwork will make it more likely you can play the game in a way you could win it.

If you’re looking to get more and higher quality clients and jobs, this video could be the key to get there.

Obviously, your business results depend on your work ethic, the time you spend on business and some luck.

I highly recommend you check out the video if you’re already on Upwork and want to get a deeper understanding of the behind-the-scenes algorithm on the platform.

I also want you to get results faster by building your freelance career or online tech, creative or marketing agency.

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