Angry Entrepreneur Truth (Rant)

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I’ve been giving all this free stuff, I’ve been teaching, I gave away like a whole freaking business model for free on my YouTube channel. And here on Facebook, I just had it. People, anyone who’s not implementing, they’re crazy. They’re just completely out of their minds because you already have most of the stuff you need. You could just start a business right now. And why are people not doing it yet? I have no freaking clue, but I’m getting an idea by talking to some of them, right?

So I’ve been giving business models,I’ve been giving proof,upon proof, upon proof.How are people still not in business?It’s incomprehensible.For example, there’s this thing where people make excuses and it’s like, oh, but I have this job and I’m wasting all this time in traffic,and I have issues in my life,and the issues are so freaking real to me,they’re so freaking real to me.And they spend months and years,sometimes decades, thinking like that.It’s just insane.

Whereas when I see entrepreneurs succeed,they don’t think like that at all,they’re just like,well, I’m going to makethis work no matter what,and, you know, if I break some eggs, I break some eggs.That’s the way it is.Maybe I take a risk.That’s part of life.Life is kind of boring if you just do the boring stuff.The stuff that is not exciting,the stuff that doesn’t excite you.Like, isn’t it just depressing doing the same thing over and over for someone else,and getting paid basically nothing?I don’t think so.

Another excuse, well,a type of excuse that I hear is the age, right?There’s a whole conversation we have in the Masterminds sometimes in the Business Mentor Insiders,called the age versus productivity.There’s this myth going around that you need to be of a certain age, either young or old,depending on who you listen to,to be able to start a business.Complete freaking nonsense.You don’t need to be young,and you don’t need to be old.What really matters is your productivity, okay?

There are people like Warren Buffett. He’s still running a business.He’s what, like 190 years old or something like that?Why can’t we run a business if we’re 60?Of course we can.Warren Buffett is just like us.Warren Buffett is just a human, right?I’ve seen 17-year-olds build seven-figure businesses.Why?Aren’t they too young?I don’t think so.They were just working productive,their brain is switched on.They’re not watching porn.Not that, of course, a 17-year-old would never watch porn.But you know they’re not wasting their time on nonsense like video games and lo-and-behold,they’re able to build a business.

So it’s about productivity.It’s not about age.You can be productive at any age.I’m not saying anyone can,I’m saying it’s possible,and it’s a choice for most.For some it isn’t, there is things like disease,but for most it’s a choice.We live longer and healthier lives than ever before.Then there’s another thing,this is especially with guys and girls and whatever in their 20s. With people in their 20s,it’s this whole info seeking.What I believe in is a proven,working business model.Screw info seeking.What am I gonna do?Like read a bunch of books and waste time, and like,oh, wow, I learned so much.

I’m so grateful that I learned so much.No, freaking bullshit.What you need is a proven working business model,and then you need to work your ass off implementing the proven working business model.Once it’s running, go nuts with information,but be careful where you get it,because all the information is out there,but it’s a matter of choice,and someone who understands,can make the choice for you initially when you’re not experienced in business,’cause it’s hard, there’s too much stuff,most of it is nonsense.You need something that works.Hence, you need to look for working, proven business models.

Then there’s the whole idea of I don’t have enough time.Let me tell you something,every single person who doesn’t,who thinks they don’t have enough time,like 99% of them have enough time.It’s just they spend two hours in traffic every day.They spend eight hours at a job that is terrible,to fund a life of shit they don’t need,to keep buying shit they don’t need.People don’t need all the shit they’re buying.You don’t need to spend $2,000 on rent.I don’t care what city you live in. I’ve seen people spend eight, $900 on a room in San Francisco.

I’ve seen people spend an equal amount of money,or less in New York.You don’t need all that money to spend on crap,when you could be building a business,which is an asset that you can own forever, right?Or you can turn it into an asset that you can own forever that appreciates in value instead of depreciating.Rent is just an expense. It’s just, you’re flushing it down the toilet, right?So, all this time, and, you know, the time people spend just to get their little, the next iPhone, the next this,the next that, it could be spent on business.It could be spent building something, building assets,building skills, stuff that actually matters.And what people don’t realize is the opportunity cost of having jobs,the opportunity costs of paying rent,the opportunity costs of buying crap,and consuming stuff you don’t need, or they don’t need.

That opportunity cost is much higher than whatever cost in terms of time and so on,that a business requires.The opportunity cost is you become nobody,with no money, no time, and then you die.So we don’t want that, right?So we don’t want that,we want to succeed.Everyone wants to succeed.That’s what I’m talking about here.

In another words, time is basically subjective, like people say they don’t have this, they don’t have that, it’s subjective, it depends how you look at it, and how you segment it, and how you position your mind, and how well you’re able to fill your day, and then execute. Then suddenly, there is a lot of time if you know what you’re doing.

Then there’s the whole knowledge thing, right?How much knowledge do you need, and what is knowledge?How do you get knowledge?Don’t you need a bunch of knowledge to start a business?Well, there’s knowledge where people just read and consume info,randomly and mindlessly,and just aimlessly,and it’s useless information.You know, like news.That’s useless, you could call it knowledge,but it’s useless knowledge for the most part.It’s 99% useless, why do you need that stuff?Why do you need the 300 books a year?You don’t need 300 books a year.You don’t need 30 books a year.You need a few good books now and then,just a few books a month,you just need a few books that you’re actually executing,the knowledge that you’re actually executing,and that’s valuable way beyond any amount of random information that’s out there.

Another thing is, production versus consumption.Everyone’s so stuck in consuming and getting debt,and getting jobs to pay off that debt,it’s about production.If you look at anyone who’s successful, in any field,or anyone who’s wealthy, which usually coincides with being successful in some way,they’re producing stuff.

They’re not sitting there and consuming crap like podcasts all day and YouTube videos all day,and all this stuff;they’re producing stuff.They’re constantly thinking about producing stuff,and then they’re producing stuff.There’s time off to recharge and stay on point,and get your energy back, but producers area successful people, and successful people are producers.Consumers, they just buildup debt,and they lose time,and they owe people stuff, you know.When you owe people stuff, when you get a job,you owe someone, when you get a loan you owe someone,when you’re wasting your time you owe someone,because you were supposed to do something, but you didn’t. You owe yourself, like people owe stuff to themselves.

Like oh I was gonna do this, but, you know, I promised myself last year I was gonna do this, I’m gonna do this in the future. That’s like a debt you’re gonna have to repay in the future. How many debts do you have? Debt is weighing people down in life. It’s like this huge, heavy weight, and it’s weighing them down in life, and the more debt there is, the less they have time, the more excuses they make, ’cause it’s easier to make excuses, and so on and so forth.

In conclusion, I’m sick and tired of telling people here’s business model, here’s what to do, and so on and so forth, unless they implement. When, where are all the people who implement? I know 217, 218 people in the Mastermind right now, it’s called Business Mentor Insiders, they’re implementing, right? But it could be thousands, and I’m just perplexed there’s all these opportunities, there’s a working business model that you can use, that is available, and yet, where are all the thousands of people that can be doing it right now? There are 217, 218, how do we get to a few thousand? This is your opportunity, go look at YouTube, go look at my YouTube, there’s specific videos about how to build a business. Implement it, do it, it works if you do things right, if you have a little bit of luck, it works, not for everyone of course. Like I can’t promise you anything, no one can. I don’t know how hard you’re gonna work, I don’t know if you have a little bit of luck of not, whatever, but it works.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.