5 Tips To Get Ranked Higher On Fiverr

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Aleks: Hi, this is Aleksander Vitkin and today I’m going to teach you with Damiano here, how to get 80 times more traffic on your Fiverr gig. And we’re going to share exactly how this works and exactly how to do this by using the levels system.

And we’re gonna share with you all the tips and tricks that Fiverr actually wants you to use but mostly people don’t use ’cause they’re not aware of what’s possible, they’re not aware of how many visits and how many hits they can get on their gigs if they gained a system.

Now Damiano is very successful on Fiverr and we’re gonna cover all the best tricks and tips that are necessary to top five for you to get ranked higher and for you to get a massive amount of traffic.

Damiano: When I first started on Fiverr a lot, the new people starting on Fiverr, new freelancers, they don’t know exactly what they’re doing yet. So they just put a gig out, they start a few conversations, and then you’ll eventually have one gig that really takes off and I started noticingthat the more the gig took off,the more I started fallinginto certain processesthat Fiverr has in place for sellers.And one of those processesbeing the level up system.

One of the things Fiverr does really, really well is they created a lot of gamification into their marketplace. And so they do have a level system with three major levels. So there’s level zero, level one, level two, and I guess we can call top rated a level as well. If you go to Fiverr.com/levels you’re gonna have all of the information on the milestones that you need to hit as a Fiverr seller. In order to get to a specific level.

Now once you hit one of those milestones you get the level badge, obviously, it’s gonna add a badge to your profile, but then you automatically get more traffic. Specifically from that badge. A lot of people from the beginning they join Fiverr because they wanna make money and then they don’t see as much money coming in because, obviously, they’re selling five dollar gigs.

But you brought up a really good point, it’s not about that journey at the beginning, it’s really about doing what’s necessary to hit the milestones and get to level two. Because the game starts at level two.

Aleks: So you hit level two, so you have 80x traffic on your gigs and what else can happen, what are we talking about here?

Damiano:When I was a no level seller it was actually pretty rare for me to get messages from people. So I’d maybe get one or two messages a week, something like that. And then you’ll notice that the more you start hitting those milestones, the better you get on Fiverr, the more traffic Fiverr automatically brings to your gig.

And so now that I’m at level two I’m getting something like 50 messages a day from people, literally my morning waking up, the first thing that I do, I don’t know if other entrepreneurs are like this, but, in my agency, because there’s so many things going on, I always have fires to put out.

So I have this little anxiety when I wake up in the morning and so I just take my phone and the first thing I see is like, 50 messages from Fiverr. And that’s like, literally the first thing that I have to tackle every single morning. But then throughout the day, once I’ve answered those 50 messages, a few of those are going to convert no matter what. By getting to level two I can ensure that I have money coming into my agency every single day just from the traffic and all of that.

Aleks: People should build as habits for them to get from zero to two and how long does this take?

Damiano: If somebody’s working on Fiverr consistently, every single day, it could take two months. So about 60 days, like two times the evaluation date. And I think, you know, some of the things people could do to make sure they get there is download the Fiverr app. So Fiverr has made it really, really easy to answer your customers through your phone so that you don’t have to be constantly on the computer. You could be commuting.

A lot of people who start off on Fiverr have full time jobs and stuff like that. And so it helps to have the app on your phone so that you can answer your customers as soon as possible. Even if you can’t give them the correct answer, at least you can just send them an answer and be like, hey, I’m busy right now, I can’t get back to you, but give me a few hours and I’ll give you the answer you’re looking for.

So that has worked as well but the important thing is to always get back to them as fast as you can. Just so your response rate is good enough. And always be polite as well. Fiverr takes big pride and important role with that.

Aleks:  How do they know that you’re not being polite, theoretically?

Damiano:  Technically, you don’t wanna have any sort of negative experience with a client that would make them want to report you for any sort of things that you said. The one thing on Fiverr, especially to get to level two, you wanna under-promise and over-deliver. That’s the main thing.

So for example, if somebody’s doing copywriting on Fiverr and they’re selling a 500 word article for 10 dollars, go out of your way, give the customer 750 words or just give them more revisions or something like that. And that will really show that you’re trying to not just be polite but also you know, offer a higher than usual customer service.

And that’s kind of what Fiverr really cares about. They want their level two sellers to be the best of the best. And, obviously, once you’re at level two it doesn’t just end there, there is another level which is a lot harder to get, which is the top rated level. And when you’re at the top rated level you get like a hundred times the traffic.

But that level is quite difficult to get right now because it’s handpicked by Fiverr. So keeping that good customer service going, the politeness, the over-delivering, the short response time, these are all things that are gonna play into the equation that they use to choose who their top rate sellers are going to be.

Aleksander Vitkin

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