5 Tips To Get More Views On YouTube By Optimizing Your Channel

In this article, you’ll find out how to optimize your YouTube channel, so you can get more views.

As of December 2014, my channel only had 51,000 views, but it has already made me tens of thousands of dollars.
I’m going to tell you how I optimized my YouTube channel to get views, to get more subscribers, more people opting onto my emailing list, and getting them on a sales call.

Firstly, the most important thing I’ve done so far is add red boxes over the thumbnails of my YouTube videos (the boxes are quite small). The reason for this is when you share it on Facebook, if you put to many words on it like I used to, you won’t be able to see the words when you share it. A lot of my traffic comes through Facebook, so I need to make sure when I, or other people share my videos on there, the red box is visible.
To make a red box over the thumbnail of the video, click on one of your videos, and go to the info and settings of the video, then click on change image (this is where you change the image). To make the image, play the video you want to put an image on, and screen shot it at the appropriate time.

Then when you’ve screen shot the video, open MS Paint (you can use whatever programme you want), paste it into Paint, and then crop the image as well as resizing it. Click on the fill option, and then choose the colour red, then just add the lettering to it, save it as a jpeg, and then you’re done. Make sure the image shows your face, as it looks good on Facebook. Put the red box in line under your face, because Facebook has facial recognition software which will centre the video around it.

That’s optimization number 1; you’re going to be showing this red box, which gets more people to click. The colour of red works really well, it’s the colour of taking action, and it stands out against the blue of Facebook.

Optimization number two, is that I add every single video into a single playlist, I do this because when I add it to the playlist, and I link it to the video from the playlist, if you click on any video that’s in the playlist that I’ve linked to Facebook, or where ever else (you can also embed it), it will show the whole playlist automatically at the end of the video, and load the next one all by itself. This gets people to watch more videos automatically (about a 20% increase).

Optimization number three, is having a description, it has to have calls to action, you can have a call to action for a subscribe link. You can Google ‘how to create a YouTube subscribe link (if your goal is getting subscribers).

For me, I also want to get people onto my email list, I tell them to go to my opt in (give the viewer a link to click on), and I also tell them to add me on Facebook as it’s very, very important for me.

Optimization number four is header, it’s very important; the most important thing in a header isn’t actually the logo, it’s the call to action. (I have ‘click subscribe to get free updates’ on my channel).

The next optimization, is a link to my website on my YouTube channel, it will sometimes get people to go to my website (it’s a good source of some free traffic), and they opt in to my email list as well.

Another optimization is featured content, to access this go to creator studio, click on your channel, and then featured content; you can then choose the option, to show the featured content at the end of the video. Go through all your old videos, and do this – the result of this will be, all your old videos will be funnelling traffic to your newest video. That way it will pump it full of views (you’ll rank faster, and get more traffic), and if you have hundreds of videos it will funnel all these people to your newest video.
The final optimization is actually one of the most important ones – at the end of your video you must have a call to action. In my case, my call to action is a black ground with text saying, ‘start your own business with our free quick start guide, go to: vitkin.net’. If people go to there, it opts them onto my email list.

This is very very important as it will build your email list. The list is crucial as it’s your long term money. Definitely use this this, add a call to action at the end of every single video, you can of course try different styles of calls to action (videos, some text). If you implement these, your YouTube channel will perform much better, you will gather more subscribers, and more views, and actually get people on a phone call, close some sales, and grow your business.

It’s not a hobby, it’s a business, and it’s an elite generation tool. Use this, and if you have any questions comment down below.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.