5 Tips To Become More Productive and Succeed at Business

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Hi, this is Aleksander Vitkin, and in today’s video I’m going to talk about how to cure laziness, how to cure that feeling of being passive and procrastinating, and how to go from that to being active, in fact more active than most people you know. People, they say they’re gonna do one thing, but very rarely follow up and execute exactly what they promised themselves and others. If people could get from 20% implementation to 30 or maybe 50, or maybe 80% implementation, just working as hard as they promised they were going to work, their results will triple or beyond, theoretically, if they were at 20%.

Once you do implement this, you’ll be able to perform at the peak of human capacity. I’m not saying you’re gonna instantly be some athlete or something like that, but if we work maybe 50% as hard as an athlete, then we can have amazing results in life. And I’ve seen people go from just like, shy little boys with very few skills, to pushing themselves and learning new skills, and working super hard and becoming super successful. And I’ve seen this over and over and over.

So I really do believe that anyone can do this. People are not born lazy. So this is the first discovery. And if you talk to psychotherapists, if you just read research about children and how they behave, they’re not born lazy. The passive attitude, this is learnt. Everyone’s born active. To get people from active to passive, something happened here, okay? Maybe in our childhood, maybe later on as well, that got us from being active and just trying stuff, and just pushing against the world to see how far we can push, to just saying hmm, whatever, let the others do it.

Let other people do this, and I’ll just follow. I’ll just be a lazy little slug, basically. This is reversible, so, if this has happened to someone, to you, to me, or someone else, it is possible to reverse this. To cure passivity, the number one tool is to make it conscious. And make it conscious that this is not a natural state. Once you discover that actually, you thrive, and you feel good, and your life progresses, and you get fulfillment, and happiness, and whatever, from doing this stuff, that’s like a new lesson that you’re teaching yourself, and you’re teaching your brain.

As you’re doing this more and more, you’re building a habit of execution. But of course, the first step is not saying no, I’m super productive. Well, no one actually is as productive as they can be, okay? So the first thing is to make it conscious. Remove the whole ego thing around being successful or something like that. And just saying I’m always a student. I’m never as productive as I could be, if I keep optimizing, if I keep improving myself.

So, once you become conscious, you make the decision that you don’t wanna live like that anymore, and you wanna live a more fulfilling, more full life, you just set a to do list for yourself, and you do like seven different things the next day, right? You don’t just like instantly build giant to do lists, and just start working on every area of your life instantly. ‘Cause it’s too much of a change, and you’re very likely to get burned out.

So, once you make the decision, the decision should not be I’m going to do everything right away, the decision is, I’m going to take just one single step to escaping passivity and escaping being lazy. What is the first thing? Let’s say, every morning, you wake up, and you go to the gym. That’s the first thing I do, I’m not gonna eat, I’m not gonna engage in any habits, I’m not even gonna look at my phone. I’m just gonna go to the gym, every single morning. I can assure you, that once you start doing that, you’re gonna want to do less destructive stuff, and more constructive stuff.

After you come from gym, you’re gonna do a second thing, right? You’re gonna be like, okay maybe I’ll do some productive work. I’ll read a book, and maybe I’ll start working on my business a little bit. The second thing, you made this into a habit, or whatever else you’ve automatically made into a habit, just make it into an official thing that you’re doing. So, then you’re doing two things.

You just have it in your calendar, and after month three they become a habit, to the point where you don’t have to consciously do it, it just happens. Then you just keep building on the habits. You add on more and more habits, and before you know it, you actually have most of your day filled with productive habits that are not destructive. It’s balanced life, you’re not just doing work, you’re not just getting burned out, you’re actually doing many things in your life that are contributing to your success long term.

And the more you do things like gym, and read books, and fill your mind with positivity, productive things, the less likely you are to even want to revert to this lower, low energy state that people find themselves in for decades of their life. Just write down every single thing you do in a single day. Just take out a piece of paper and a pen, or do it on your laptop, just write down every single thing you did today, from the moment you woke up, until the moment you went to bed. If you’re not doing about 10 hours of work, like very productive work, you’re not actually doing enough to have even a well paid job. People who have jobs don’t really have well paying jobs, ’cause ants sit down and get work done. Productive, high value work, where you’re learning skills and so on. And where they’re making very high ROI for their employers.

I don’t know exactly how much work you do. But you can make the list for yourself, and once you make it conscious, you can make the first decision to escape it. Because it really is a jail cell. People put themselves in this jail cell that they cannot escape. They build all these intricate systems so they stay lazy and they stay in that low consciousness state, and they don’t know how to escape. Well, this is how. You don’t have to do everything instantly.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.