5 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job

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Aleks: Hi, this is Aleksander Vitkin and I’m here with Vlad who’s a member. And instructor in the Business Mentor Insiders.

The video is for you if you’re stuck in a job and you don’t know what else is out there, which systems, which processes work. And maybe you don’t know which market to go into and it’s this big scary risk. And maybe you still feel satisfied in your job, but you’re still wondering what’s out there and you may be willing to take a risk sometime in the future.

Now, Vlad is actually doing really well in business and he’s recently transitioned from running just an agency, also, to a product business. So what was your story, Vlad? When you started, you were dabbling in like freelancing and all that kind of stuff.

Vlad: So I had a job as a graphic designer and then I was trying to transition into freelancing as a graphic designer. So I had the job, it was like nine hours a day or more sometimes and then I had to move to freelancing, but the thing is with freelancing, nothing was secure I would say. So I couldn’t just rely on freelancing by itself, so, I mean, I tried it, but it didn’t necessarily work out as well. I also, like the mindset that I had in believing that you don’t deserve to get pain a lot, I was getting paid 500 euros in my job and that was a good job. So freelancing I think I was doing 300 a month and I was like surviving off of that.

But it was crazy to think that with $300, like you can actually get to making more. Like I saw people in the mastermind, when I was looking at the mastermind, they were closing like $4,000 and I was thinking that’s impossible for me.

Like if I would do that at the time, I would be like a super god or something. But what helped the most was actually having someone to guide you. And I actually take you to, like this is what you’re supposed to do and this is how you do it and so on.

So like, then, things get easier, way easier. But the thing that was the hardest I would say was making it on my own ’cause I had to like give up everything, basically, to just be able to save money, so I can survive a couple of months. For most people, I think, it’s very unsatisfying working in a job, especially if you don’t like to do something.

Like if you don’t like doing what you’re doing, like it’s probably very unpleasant. If you’re doing sales or if you’re learning from the people that you’re around, then you can go ahead with the job, but keep in mind like the job is only supposed to serve you for like acquiring skills or learning from someone or like learning how a business works.

It’s not necessary that you have to go in a job to learn those things. There’s definitely better places that you can learn those skills, but if you have no choice, then you have to kind of leverage what you have.

Aleks: Jobs are basically a easy and cheap type of business with very low risk and very low reward,so the most you can do is get some skills out of it and, of course, you should escape as soon as your business is making any money.So as soon as your business is running somewhat well enough for you to survive,get the hell out of the job’cause you’re not investing in an assets apart from the skills.

Those are the only assets you get long term. ‘Cause the money itself, just cash that you get from a job, is not really a very good asset usually. It’s usually not a lot either ’cause they need to make a large profit margin to make it profitable.

What have you learned about figuring it out yourself, Vlad, when you tried figuring out a business for yourself.

Vlad: Yeah, so it’s gonna take a lot of time to do it and you could basically waste like years of your life just trying to figure something out and it makes zero sense, like literally zero sense. ‘Cause you can just pay someone and they’re gonna be like, okay, this is what you’re doing wrong, this is what you’re supposed to do if you actually wanna do it and then, you’re just like, you’re in the right starting position. And then, you know, like just go, like that’s it.

You don’t have to think about, oh, is this what I’m doing wrong? Or is this what is not working? Should I have logo or should I have a business website? ‘Cause people are gonna give you feedback, friends. Like if you go on YouTube right now, I did it myself back in the day. So I looked up like how to start a business and then there was this guy, basically, he’s like, so guys, if you wanna start a business, you need a logo, first step you need a logo.

Then, you need register the business. So you go and register the business. This is the paperwork that you need. It’s like complete bullshit.

Aleks: Most business owners, if they’re going to teach you, there’s a few reasons. One, you work for them. Two, you pay them money. Three, you’ve bought their program or something like that. Or four, maybe they’re mentoring you, but the easiest way to get that is probably to pay them anyway. But that’s been my experience.

If someone has a different experience, you’re welcome to share, but that’s usually how things work. Most beginners, they start with books, which is more inspirational and motivational, it’s not really a precise step by step process, but the best way is to do or to follow a working proven business model. ‘Cause then the learning curve goes from, oh, I need to Google some things on the internet and then somehow figure out how that’s gonna work and somehow put it together with absolutely no experience of putting anything together and I’m smart, I can figure everything out.

So you need to go from that to actually running a business, which is a fairly complex machine.

Vlad: You’re stuck in a job and why are you stuck in a job? You think you have benefits, you have friends, and you have all those things. But what it is, ’cause like the people, they don’t want you to leave and make more money. That’s for sure, they just want you to put all the hard work that you put in the business in their business.

And they do that by, you know, I don’t know if they lie. They probably do lie just to keep you there. And I remember even my friend, before going into a business, he’s like, no, ’cause they’re so brain washed in the job. He was like, no, I think I’m gonna have a business, but I’m still gonna do part time job because, you know, just go socialize with my friends and like all that stuff, like that’s complete bullshit.

Aleks: You’re never socializing in business.

Vlad: They make you think that way. That’s why you have all the team buildings at what they have. I just messaged, like someone’s like, oh yeah, on Fridays I go with drinks with the people from work.

They do all these things which they make you seem it’s nice, like, oh, hangout with us. Like he has a Xbox and a job, play the Xbox and oh, my job is great. But what they do is like they put like handcuffs around you. It’s like, yeah, stay here ’cause look, you have an Xbox, you can go drink with people. Then it’s like, it’s a complete, like that’s what they do.

In China, what they do in China, they build this like massive parts of like where you can go and like you have to work 24 hours. And then they’re like they build a campus next to it where everyone lives. They’re like, oh, it’s a great life. There’s a lot of young people and that you can have fun, there’s a lot of girls.

So they let you in with this bullshit, but they basically just give you a place next to your job, so you can fucking die there and just work like a complete idiot for the rest of your life because you think you’re gonna get girls or you’re gonna have fun, you’re make friends or you’re gonna, no. You should pick your friends based on like the values that you have.

Aleksander Vitkin

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