4 Mindset Shifts To Build A 7 Figure Business

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Emmanuel is going to share with you 4 mindset shifts to build a 7 figure business.

If you take these 4 mindset shifts into consideration, you will be able to go from a beginner to a successful business owner that makes a lot more money than a typical business.

1 – Get out of tactical thinking. Pure tactical thinking is if you ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I create a Facebook ad, so that it becomes profitable?
  • What is the funnel that I need to use to get more leads and clients?

You have to get out of tactical thinking and start thinking in a more strategic way. Create a strategy that will help you go from a beginner to your desired business level. This is not a tangible thing. It is something that you have to do consistently over a long period of time that eventually will lead you to the results that you want.

This is not a funnel that will change your business. It is a commitment to getting better at the thing you are doing.

2 – Independent thinking. If everyone is doing something, it has very little value. That is the harsh truth about business. Your brain is designed to do what other people are doing.

If you want to be very successful in business, you have to do things differently than your competition. That’s where your results are going to come from. You have to look at what makes most sense and make your decisions based on that.

Find information, read books, learn courses and use them as tools. Don’t use them as your bible.

If everyone else is doing something, run away from it. It’s that simple.

3 – Long term thinking. When you run a business, you have to always look at the bigger picture. You cannot expect your business to succeed from day 1, because there is not an overnight success.

4 – Commitment. You cannot do all these things if you are constantly going out, dating, partying too much. You need to have a stable life structure. Your mind has to work properly. Don’t travel all the time. You are allowed to visit 1 or 2 locations maximum per year.

What is more, you need to have a proper work routine – you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. You pre-cook your meal, so that you are not wasting your time eating and then you do 5 – 8 hours of focused work.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.