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A letter from our CEO & Founder

Dear friend,

As we are gripped by a global emergency, business, education and internal communications are changing.

For most organizations, 2020 is a year processes are changing rapidly.

It's hard to keep up and some organizations fail to adapt quickly enough.

What if I told you that there is a community of 200+ online business owners who have been doing business as if it's 2020 ever since 2014.

They've figured out and thoroughly tested 2020-compatible solutions.

The business-halting issues most organizations face with regards to the rapid changes in the business education and communication environments are non-existent for these entrepreneurs since they have solved them many years ago.

At BusinessMentor.com, we've realized we are uniquely qualified to solve these unique issues.

As such, we've decided to open up our schedules to help you solve your problems.

I would like to personally invite you to speak to myself, Aleksander Vitkin, on a private call.

We are going to use this opportunity to figure out what issues your organization faces and I'll create clarity and suggest a solution right there on the call, be it with myself or an enterprise solutions expert in my circle.

What to do next: please enter your information below so that we may schedule a good time to talk.

Who is this opportunity for:

  • Enterprise Companies
  • Government and Education Organizations

Yours sincerely,

​PS: Not sure if mentorship is the right thing for you? I'm not sure if it's the right thing for you either. That's why there is an application process that's designed to help you figure out how to proceed. Fill in the application form below and chat to me directly on a call and I'll provide complete clarity.

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