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Dear friend,

Thank you for your interest in applying to join Business Mentor Insiders (BMI). 

In order to maintain our high success rate, membership is limited to approved applicants. This is a competitive process.

Therefore, I wish to invite you to an application call on Whatsapp, with either myself or one of our instructors.

First off, please book an application call to see if this is right for you.

The call booking form is right below this letter.

If accepted into Business Mentor Insiders, you will receive the same entrepreneurial training and support that is responsible for the success of our current 220+ members and over 700 members since 2014.

Please be aware that since the 1st of January 2022, we have place a limit of 8 new members per month. You can proceed to book a call below.

The remainder of this page provides:

  • Brief summary of Business Mentor Insiders
  • Ironclad proof of our members’ results

Yours sincerely,

If none of the time slots fit, please message me and we'll arrange something.

Click here or scan with your phone with Whatsapp on it:

What next?

If you're a good candidate and would love to participate we will invite you to join.

See you on the call.

Data from 9 years of application calls. Monthly applications and accepted members:


interviews held


applicants accepted into Business Mentor Insiders

Structure of Business Mentor Insiders Training

1) Core Program: Our Crowdsourced Business Model

  • Our weekly-updated business model is always at the cutting edge in business strategies and tactics, because it’s based on 6 years experience in training people to succeed, and the active daily input of hundreds of successful members.
  • Fully automated inbound AI lead generation.
  • This maximizes your chances of success in business.

2) Professional Instructive Support

  • Communicate with over a dozen instructors (Business Peers), who have recently walked the same path that now awaits you.
  • Receive personalized expert advice on sales, marketing, funnels, copywriting, branding & credibility, delivery of service, and large-sum client contracts.

3) Worldwide Community

  • Network with hundreds of entrepreneurs to find ideal client opportunities.
  • Make amazing friends, travel together, and meet up all around the world for events, masterminds and of course vacations.
  • Learn to structure your life so you can travel the world while running a profitable business.

4) Personal Accountability

  • Success goes to those who implement. That’s why we developed our own “Accountability” process, based on both our own experience and leading thought in behavior change.
  • This process helps you implement the actions leading directly to your ultimate success.
  • Note: Many members say this is the biggest contributor to their results.

Our Community Events (Click To See All Images)

Our Community Events

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Proof of Members' Results

How Damiano (31) Scaled His E-commerce Dev Agency to $230k/mo

How Stan (23) Started and Scaled a Mobile App Dev Agency to $172k/mo

How Alex (27) Built a $60k/month Web Agency

How Paras (33) Scaled His Marketing and Dev Agency to $120k/mo

The Final Word

I hope you’ve concluded that Business Mentor Insiders is the “real deal”.

This is a serious, no-nonsense mentorship focused on results.

And we have the proof to back it up.

The only thing I want to briefly address is your belief in your ability to succeed:

Realize that success is the default outcome for any person who is determined, committed and productive.

Anyone who dedicates themselves to learning and implementing the skills of entrepreneurship can succeed.

The life you desire exists. It is real. It is possible.

If none of the time slots fit, Whatsapp Alex Vitkin to book a call:

Click here or scan with your phone with whatsapp on it:

Data from 9 years of application calls. Monthly applications and accepted members:


interviews held


applicants accepted into Business Mentor Insiders

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. "Do I need existing skills to succeed?"

Q2. "How much does it cost?"

Q3.  "Will I get personal, 1-on-1 access to Aleksander Vitkin?"

Q4. "What's the time investment required?"

Q5. "Can I speak to someone in the program?"

Q6. "I've done similar programs in the past and I've quit or didn't get any results. What makes your program different?

Q7: "Did people really build 7 figure businesses in the program?"

Q8. "I don't know if mentorship is right for me and price is the most important factor for me when looking at anything that I do to build my business"

Q9: "If Aleksander Vitkin has built a business by his own, do I really need to be in this program? Why don't I just do it myself?"

Q10: "Do I need to be somewhere physically to participate in the program?"