How Freelancers and Agency Owners Get Consistent $5-20k Projects Without Complex Marketing Within 3-8 Weeks

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BMI allows you to start a business as a freelancer or scale your existing agency by implementing the principles from those who have recently built a successful agency and have reached $1M in valuation.
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"I recommend anyone who's freelancing or has an agency to speak to Aleks and his team because they helped me go from a small-time operation $200k+ months with my agency."

Damiano Raveenthiran

Founder & CEO, Startup slang

"Aleks helped us grow from 0 to multiple millions of dollars a year within 3 years. We had no prior business experience."

Stan Sakharchuk

Co-Founder & CEO, Interexy LLC

Are you struggling with learning business processes from courses?

They are too generic, impersonal and don't lead to business results.

Most buyers of courses don't even watch the course.

Fake Gurus have questionable business skills and seem to only want to enrich themselves without caring about client success rates.

We get it. It's not your fault. We're here to help. 

We've combined the most powerful elements of peer mentorship, measurable business processes and simplified lead generation to achieve consistent business growth.

  "My agency wasn't growing much for 3 years until I joined Business Mentor Insiders. We've grown five-fold since then."

Paras Raichura

Founder & CEO, PNdigital

How does BMI work?

We've discovered that the best way to build and scale an agency is to get help from Business Peers.

Those who already have a business like the one you're building but are 1-3 years ahead of you.

Element 1

Profitable offer-market fit.

Get in front of buyers who are urgently looking to solve the problems your business specializes in. Selling the right thing to the right people makes all the difference in the world when it comes to marketing, along with proof and the right sales process.

Element 2

Business model based on weekly-updated proven agency practices.

Over a period of 17 weeks, you'll master current working funnels, sales processes and delivery frameworks based on a peer-to-peer exchange meritocracy of ideas and live processes that are currently active inside our agencies.

Element 3

Constant active coaching by in-the-trenches agency owners (not consultants) from the leading highest paying industries.

Every week you have access to 9+ calls where entrepreneurs pro-actively help you reach their level in every category: sales, lead gen, delivery, automation and hiring.

What To Expect From BMI?


Never feel stuck for more than 2.5 days on average because when you feel stuck you can jump on a call that day to get it solved.

You will always have someone to talk to who's been through the same hurdles.


Start charging what you're worth by charging 200% more.

Freelancers and agencies chronically under-charge for their services. The right pricing strategy and positioning, along with selling the right thing to the right people, solves this problem in Business Mentor Insiders.


Get off the roller coaster of inconsistent small-time projects, followed by periods of intermittent lead generation.

Going from project to project, client to client, without making progress in your own business is a chronic problem that can be solved by implementing a system that makes sure you have a steady stream of clients without complicated marketing or sales.


Delegate instead of selling your time for money.

With the right lead generation and sales process, you can save time and start working on the business instead of being stuck inside the business and working 12-hour days.

"I had the habit of doing everything myself as a freelancer. By learning from peers who have built an agency, I was able to grow and automate my business."

Joel B-leblanc

Founder & CEO, Triple Dimensions

"As a University student with no previous business experience, learning from other business owners with experience and proven processes was key to building and scaling my own business".

Karim Guettache

Founder & CEO, Kg Technologies

"Before joining BMI, I was struggling with my business while having a job. Thanks to Alex and the community, now I'm focused full-time on growing my business."

Sean Facer


This Is For You If... 

  • You're a freelancer or agency owner who's confident in their skills but wants to learn new niches that are in huge demand right now and allow a premium rate.
  • You're tired of jobs and freelance contracts and want to get true freedom and ownership.
  • You are experienced and deserve to do your own thing, not work on other people's dreams forever.
  • You're looking to thrive, not just provide for yourself and your family.
  • You are hungry to learn new processes that can be turned into a scalable agency.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Here's what people say about working with us

Will Business Mentor Insiders Work For Me?

BMI is based on live working processes from world-class successful agencies.

World-renowned web 3.0 and eCommerce agency that has worked with EA, Dyson and Panasonic.

PN Digital is one of the highest-rated digital marketing agencies in the UK.

Specialized mobile development agency that has worked with Pampers, SAP, & General Electric.

It worked for 1k+ BMI community members over 7.5+ years.

Our framework has been implemented to generate $100M+ in sales.

What others have said about our program and community:

With the help of Alex and the BMI community, I went from freelancing and dealing with one client at a time, to growing my agency in a profitable niche while managing my own team.

Alexandros Stamatopoulos

Founder & CEO, your digital media

I was working as a project manager for different agencies. In BMI, I learned the business and sales skills from successful peers that I needed to grow my own business. Now I manage my own team and clients.

Sabina Sarbu

Founder & CEO, Meraki Vision

By implementing the lessons from the BMI program and listening to the business peers in the community, I learned sales, marketing, how to hire and manage employees, how to deliver projects and how to manage client expectations to grow my agency.

Luis Hiluy


More about the BMI program:

Week 1: Discover the perfect product-market fit and how to get in front of potential clients.

We use advanced market data to determine what someone with your profile and business experience should be selling to get the best possible results. The data is collected from our existing agencies, so you're not going to have to guess and test for too long, you can offer a service based on what currently works.


Week 2: Build a simple funnel that does not need massive ad spend or marketing skills but still can deliver leads every week.

Most funnels require thousands of dollars to test with a very low chance of success. We focus on proven funnels from similar agencies in the community so you don't have to spend all your time testing. The funnel has already been tested and we'll be there to make sure you implement it correctly.


Week 3: Implement an ethical consultative sales process.

Most sales processes aer not very pleasant and rely on high pressure methods. We do not use high pressure methods. Instead we consult our clients to make sure they're buying the right thing at the right time, or not buying at all when they're unqualified.


Week 4: Learn how to onboard clients and deliver in an automated way.

Onboarding can be tedious, unless you use automation best practices. An automated onboarding and delivery process leads to more client and business owner satisfaction, not to mention higher profit margins.


Week 5: Learn how to scale and automate.

Once your business grows, it can either become hard to manage or a joy to own. We believe in low to no staff and a high profit margin.


Have Questions? 

Check Our Frequently Asked Questions!

"I've done similar programs in the past and I've quit or didn't get any results. What makes your program different?"

Our processes are not ancient writings from gurus, they come straight out of our existing working agencies. They are updated weekly. The mentors who help you by coaching you, currently run successful agencies, just like the one you'd be building, so their skills are 100% applicable to your situation.

"Did people really build 7-figure businesses in the program?"


"Do I need to be somewhere physically to participate in the program?"

No. You need access to a computer, internet and good audio.

"How can I qualify to become a member?"

Click on the button to get on a call with us. We need to figure out if you have the correct skills and life situation. If it's the right thing for you and we think you'd do great based on our experience and past results, we'll invite you to participate and potentially become one of our top future case studies.

"Will I get personal, 1-on-1 access to business mentors?"

You'll have access to small group calls where you will get personal attention and mentorship.

"What's the financial investment required?"

It's in the $6-7k range, but please chat to us first, there's really little point putting a price on something before it's fully clear what it is and if it's right for you.

"I don't know if mentorship is right for me and price is the most important factor for me when looking at anything that I do to build my business."

I'm not sure if mentorship is the right thing for you either. 

That's why there is an application process that's designed to help you figure out how to proceed.

Fill in the application form on this page and chat to me directly on a call and I'll provide complete clarity.

If you are looking to minimize all possible expenses or build a business without investing into education at all, I suggest you start off as a freelancer for 1-2 years and watch the free Youtube content on the Aleksander Vitkin Youtube channel.

The program is designed to get entrepreners up and running within 90 days or less. Time is valuable and speed of learning is what I believe everyone should focus on, it's a matter of simple math: if you get results faster, your business is up and running faster, which in turn means you can grow and progress faster.

"Do I need skills to succeed?"

You need relevant skills to learn and implement. The more pre-existing skills you have, the better of couse. We've worked with many genius level implementers in the past who have learned everything from scratch however.


Meet Aleksander Vitkin

Founder and CEO,

Since 2014, I have helped over 700 people with sincere interests in entrepreneurship and contribution to start profitable businesses, quit their jobs and travel the world.

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In the past, I've read many business books and taken some business courses, but it was always hard to figure out what my sticking points were, what to implement and how to do it. I received clear action plans and guidance since I joined BMI. If you have questions at any point in time, you can just ask another business owner that has already been through the same situation you are in and get the answer you need. 

Stoyan Vlahovski

Founder & CEO, eCOM2WIN

When you want to run and scale a successful business, you need to have proven processes, specially for the everyday tasks like lead generation, sales and onboarding clients. I never learned any of these things in college. In BMI, I learned all these processes from business peers who've already been through the same issues I was facing at the moment. 

Dario Reis

Founder & CEO, get these leads

I learned everything about selling and how to build my business from A to Z. The community inside BMI really elevated me and my business. You are 24/7 around people who are on the same journey as you are and who are some levels above you, so you can learn from them how to get to their level.

Lars Winkelkötter

Founder & CEO, digital trend media

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