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​How, Last Month, 34 Of Our Members Reached $5000 Per Month* or more

​Our Optimized Strategy​ Revealed

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

What To Sell

The top 3 services that successful business owners are actively seeking in 2019

​Lead Generation

How to effortlessly automate a steady stream of business owners requesting your services (our inbound funnel revealed) 

​​​Outsourced Delivery

​How to charge $2000+ per month and outsource gold-standard delivery at a 70% profit margin

Sales Mastery

Our exclusive sales process to close 50% of qualified leads (even beginners have instant success)


How to make 6-7 figures and beyond while traveling the world, making great friends and living your dreams

​Our Testimonials

How Roland (32) Went From Freelancer To Business Owner

COUNTRY: Austria

MARKET​ Web Agency

REVENUE: 6 figures

​How A 3D Artist Robert (34) Started A Business

COUNTRY: ​Netherlands

MARKET: ​Creative Agency (3D Art Videos)

REVENUE: ​$4000 after 5 weeks in the program

​How Jan (23) Went From Broke Virtual Assistant To $10k/month

COUNTRY: ​Germany

MARKET: ​ Digital Marketing Agency

REVENUE: ​First $10000 month  after 6 months in the program

​Our Success


Current students **


Millionaire students


​​Average months of membership ***

​Our Case Studies

Marketing Agency​

How Matt built a 6 figure social media marketing business with automated delivery and hiring.

Creative Agency

How Tim built a successful explainer video business

​Web Agency

​How Damiano sold an Ecommerce website for 5 figures

About Aleksander Vitkin,
Head Mentor

​​Aleksander Vitkin is the Founder and CEO of BusinessMentor.com.

He has helped over 700 people with sincere interests in entrepreneurship and contribution to start profitable businesses, quit their jobs and travel the world.

Damiano Raveenthiran,
Member Turned Executive Mentor

​​Damiano Raveenthiran started in business as a Silicon Valley COO in a $1.2 million raised tech startup.

He went on to run a 21 team Ecommerce Agency including designers, marketers, developers and content producers. He has worked with over 700 clients in his Toronto based tech agency called Startup Slang, founded in 2017. He has a client retention rate of 96%, some of the highest in the industry. He's also mentored dozens in the BMI mastermind and is a sought-after public speaker and trainer. He's also a student in the BusinessMentor.com program he teaches in since all instructors are home raised in the program.

Josh Eppel

Member Turned Executive Mentor

Josh started in our program after having taken many online consulting courses. He was able to grow a very successful online agency inside Business Mentor Insiders.

After joining our community, he was able to truly master sales and is now closing 44% of his sales calls. He's our rock star sales mentor who committed to getting members to perform better when talking to prospects.